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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meditation: Contribute to World Peace through Inner Peace

The path to world peace is inner peace.

Meditation is the process of resting in stillness long enough to receive the divine answers that you seek. Praying, begging and complaining are all forms of asking . Meditation is the active act of listening.

In the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to experience two formal meditation workshops. One was lead by Geshe Michael Roach, author of The Diamond Cutter and the other by Tamal Dodge. In their own way, each defies myths about meditation.

From Geshe Michael came the reminder that it doesn't really matter how you sit. For if sitting in the 'correct' pose is of itself such an uncomfortable distraction, how can you possibly focus on your mind staying clear of thought. This is also a wonderful reminder that when your body suffers from pain or disease, it becomes an incredible distraction to your mind. A pure body is the path to a pure mind.

Tamal Dodge light heartedly pointed out that people often suggest if they were in a beautiful tranquil environment, they would be able to meditate. As a native of Hawaii, he laughed and indicated that although the thought of meditating in the middle of the rainforest by a waterfall in Hawaii sounds great in theory, you would be devoured by mosquitoes in less than 5 minutes.

Both, in their own way, remind us that looking anywhere but inside is a path away from meditation. Meditation is about turning down the volume on what is going on inside of you while muting completely what is going on outside of you.

Create tranquility exactly where you are. Turn off your cell phone, unplug your home phone, close your eyes, soften your eye lids, forehead and area around your mouth, relax your shoulders and empty your thoughts. Begin to notice your exhale and then your inhale. Just sit for as along as you can. If it is two minutes, congratulate yourself, at least you have a starting point. Gradually work up to 5 minutes and then 10. The benefits of 5 to 10 minutes a day of meditation are remarkable. Resist turning it into a contest or competition with yourself, just notice the peaceful feelings that you feel and know that you are contributing to world peace, by knowing inner peace.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing tranquility is available to you anytime anywhere. Meditation begins with a single conscious breath.

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