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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is Success?

What is success? This question repeats over and over in my head as I prepare to go across the country to speak at a National Sales Conference in New Orleans.

Ironically, I attended my first national sales conference 15 years ago in the very same city of New Orleans. Back then, the path to success so perfectly clear. Success was measured by your paycheck and seeing your name as a Top Producer. Winning was easy. The more you sell, the more you make. I knew success.

Soon, the money and recognition was not enough. It was like being hungry and being served endless chocolate cake. Eventually, as delicious as it is, one cannot feel satiated by chocolate cake alone. Certain that life had more meaning, I decided to help other people climb the mountain of success. I became a sales manager. I taught, motivated and inspired others to make money. I now knew I was making a difference beyond just receiving for myself alone. I was helping others. I knew success.

Success is seeing opportunity when others do not. Success is believing in yourself. Success is climbing mountains. Success is finding a away. Success is an attitude.

It wouldn't be long before I realized that teaching people how to make fast cash without instilling purpose and values would lead to devastation. The pull of darkness is very powerful. Darkness is truly just like dirty water obscuring the view of all the beauty that exists in the world. Pain, suffering and death are illusions. The temptation to find the high of perfection and immortality through mind altering substances and situations is just an illusion.

Perfection exists now. Success is now. We don't need to add anything or become anything. Our work is simply to remove the illusive veils of doubt, uncertainty and fear. Experiencing your own transformation is incredibly powerful. However, even more powerful is acting as a conduit and creating space for others to transform and release what no longer serves them.

True success and lasting fulfillment result when you take someone with you up the mountain. Having money alone will never make you happy. Having money with someone else and no greater purpose will leave you eating chocolate cake begging for raw broccoli.

What is success? Success is knowing the world is perfect and helping others to know it too, together as one. It is not always easy to be a conduit of Love and Light. It can be a lot of thankless work. These are the times that you must trust in the process of true sharing and selflessness.

This morning I received a picture of the sunrise and a message saying, "You have inspired me to connect more with nature. It felt amazing. xo"

I responded, "Thank you for making my day." I should have said, 'thank you for making my life.'

To know that I have opened the eyes and touched the heart and mind of even person in this lifetime, this is to have succeeded.

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