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Monday, October 17, 2011

Shaman Healing Circle: Release Rebalance Reconnect!

Release all that no longer serves you. Reconnect to all that does.

I have always been wildly attracted to and fascinated by Native American ceremony. There is something incredibly powerful about participating in this type of energetic experience. Maybe, it was my early exposure to the movie Emerald Forest, growing up in New Hampshire or perhaps I was leading these in a previous incarnation.

Ceremony is about raising your vibrations and creating collective consciousness to spread for the greater good. When I was invited to attend a 10 year Celebration Ceremony at the Golden Door Spa in Carefree, AZ, I was thrilled. The bright moon was almost full and we sat around a blazing fire.

What began as a small group of uncertain, inhibited people soon turned into a chorus of song led by our beautiful and spirited Shaman Razel Wolf. We passed the talking stick, stating our individual intentions. Through the ceremony we used the fire to release and burn fear, to rebalance with intention and reconnect to all that is possible.

The smells of sage, cedar, lavender and tobacco permeated the air with the power of mysticism. The last direction was to allow the magic we created to gestate for 7 days by not speaking of it. It has been 7 amazing days.

This ceremony also served as a great reminder that fear and limited thoughts are self-imposed and entirely optional. If a formal ceremony is not available, you can begin by lighting a candle, writing down your fear and limitations and setting them on fire. Release. Next, get clear on what you really want and need more of. Rebalance. Ask for it and expect it. Reconnect. Stay in spirit and let the magic brew. Gestate.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit is a state of consciousness. Release that which no longer serves you. Rebalance your mind, body and spirit. Reconnect with universal Love.

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