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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seek Study Test Speak the TRUTH

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation about responsibility. It was about spiritual responsibility. Some people see me as a teacher, but the Truth is, I am a student.

Just as your grade school math teacher did not create the formulas and your history teacher did not fight the wars or sign the peace treaties, I did not create the secrets to being Happy Healthy and Fit.

I seek. I study. I test. I speak.

Many conversations turn into teaching opportunities. I love to help people see themselves and the world from a happier, healthier perspective. However, it is important to understand that I only share what I have learned from my great teachers. I can only share it as Truth because I took the knowledge and applied it to create a result: Wisdom.

My desire is only to channel or pass along to others what has helped me to be Happy, Healthy and Fit. I have spent nearly two decades reading and seeking Truth in books about philosophy, psychology, statistics, religion, humanities, history and spirituality. If it take 10 years to become an expert at something, I guess it would appear that I am doubly qualified to speak on these matters. However, that is pure ego. I do not have all the answers, but I keep asking the questions.

I challenge you to dig deeper, ask more questions, test what you learn and speak it to someone else. The Truth is yours to study and test. You will not find the Truth in any book. You will find recipes. Recipes for food will not fill your belly and recipes for Truth will not fill your soul. Gather the ingredients and take action. First you must seek the Truth. Then you must study it. Test it. Speak it.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing the Truth always was and always will be.

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