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Friday, October 28, 2011

Obligation Leads to Suffocation

Breathe with Ease!

Do you ever feel like you actually cannot breathe, because you made a commitment that you have no desire to keep?

Obligations are often thought of as the things you 'have' to do. Obligations are considered the commitments that you made. The very word Obligation has a certain heaviness to it. It vibrates everything, but Free Will and Free Choice.

Obligation is a state of consciousness. It indicates doing something you really don't have any desire to do. Limited desire limits Light or inspiration. Moving from a place of obligation weighs heavy on the heart and lungs; it actually creates a sensation of suffocation.

Feelings of suffocation result when relationships, situations, jobs and life are approached without enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is what keeps you in-spirit, blood pumping, oxygen flowing and ideas growing.

Practice moving from the consciousness of 'have to' to one of 'want to.' When you increase your desire to be present and positive, you activate the technology of miracles and attract abundant blessings.

Next time you feel like you are suffocating or experiencing shortness of breath, tune into this indicator. Your body is flashing like an oil light in your car. It is time for a spiritual clean up and tune up. Decide to commit your heart to your word or decide to make a change. To linger in a space of suffocation out of obligation leads to unnecessary suffering.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means trusting your body to guide you toward making the highest and best decisions. You may always have responsibilities and commitments, but the attitude you choose is entirely connected to your purity of spirit. Exercise Free Will. Choose to breathe with ease!

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