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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Sells: Open Hearts Open Doors

Door to Door sales teaches Key to infinite wealth and unlimited riches.

Open Hearts Open Doors. Open Doors Open Hearts.

People are either going buy, die or move. This slogan is ingrained in me after years of running a door to door frozen food sales business. Each morning began with goal setting and an inspirational meeting. I loved every lost soul that came to me believing they had what it took to make $200-$300 cash paid daily. The only guarantee they had was that I would greet them with smile at the end of the night.

Each evening brought back victorious smiles clutching bundles of cash or defeated feet dragging without money for gas. Every one has to eat, I would remind the defeated. They would say that the neighborhoods were beat up or no one had any money. I knew the Truth. It was the same in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Houston and everywhere else I found myself. People will buy, die or move.

The shear brilliance and magnitude of the universal buy, die or move principle just hit me. True success is so much more than money. True success is radiating love and light everyday. Success is that connection to spirit that effortlessly spreads peace, love and happiness.

Open your heart and it will open every door. Stop selling and start sharing. Remain steadfast in your own vibration of Love and just BEing will attract others to buy into Love, or they will ultimately die or simply move away. When you learn to truly love thy neighbor as thyself, doors will naturally open. With those open doors, more hearts will open, thereby opening more doors.

Together we can elevate and unite the consciousness of the planet. Do not judge those who are not ready to 'buy.' Trust that eventually they will die or move. As soon as one person has bought into Love, the whole world has changed.

All the riches in the world are accessible through Love. Don't know how to Open your Heart? Begin to Open your eyes. Learn see past the closed door of ego and exterior of another. Look deep into their eyes and you will see their heart. Perhaps, it has been broken or shut down. You may not like what you see, but Love knows no Limits.

Just like in door to door sales, on any given day, we don't know who our next customer may be. It could be someone next to you when you are pumping gas, in the car stopped at a red light or behind the cash register at the convenience store. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing every encounter is an opportunity to open a heart and door with Love.

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