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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Find Your Voice: Follow it Fearlessly!

Listen and then Decide.

“Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.”
― Malcolm Gladwell

Your Voice is your Truth. Your voice is your Inner Wisdom. In this case, Voice can be something you hear, see or feel.

Yesterday's blog was about Tuning into Truth by acknowledging and accessing your 3rd eye. Most of us are excellent at tuning into our Truth in retrospect. It becomes crystal clear after the fact that it was crystal clear before the fact.

If you have ever asked or been asked questions like: When did you know it was a bad marriage? When did you realize you were paying too much? What did your gut say the first time you met him? How did you feel when you first heard that? How did you feel when you decided to go?

When you can return to the time of beginning a new friendship, relationship, job or buying decision, you can tap into Truth. Often times, we saw big red flags and chose to ignore them.

In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell touches on the idea that our mind are constantly taking takes millions of snapshots. Evidence of this appears every time, we find ourselves reliving events that lead up to now.

If you would like to stop repeating your patterns, break them. Understand that initial feeling you feel is your inner voice, your divine wisdom trying to guide you. Follow it fearlessly. Sometimes that means yes and sometimes that means no. Every decision we make today is a seed planted that will sprout into the future. Every effect we feel today, is the result of a seed planted in the past. We have caused our Now.

It takes tremendous courage to follow your voice fearlessly. Often this means having to turn your inner voice into your outer voice. It means having to speak the Truth. The truth can be painful, but pain heals. The alternative is living a lie and lies create dis-ease and discomfort denying us of our birthright to be Happy Healthy and Fit. Time is one thing we never get back.

Make today your Best day ever. Find your Voice and Follow it Fearlessly. Bliss is Now.

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