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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disengage: Drama Drug Distracts Divine Direction

Transform Daily Drama into Infinite Inspiration.

The idea that thoughts control things has been circulating around since the beginning of time. All the way back to King Solomon, it has been recorded that As you think, so shall you be!

We are all placed here with a divine purpose. It is your birthright to be Happy Healthy Fit and Complete. Your divine purpose is really a discovery of your gift and the consciousness to share it. Discovering your gift requires quieting the mind and tapping into the divine. Admittedly, this requires patience, practice and sacrifice.

The sacrifice is the drama. Drama is like a drug. You can actually become high on your story and the stories you make up about other people. Drama sucks you in insatiably. It has many faces: daytime television, sitcoms, the neighbors, your own family, celebrities and people at work to name a few sources of dramatic distractions. It's easy to get caught up into where you have been, who was there and what will happen next.

When you begin to catch yourself thumbing through your phone to repeat the same story over and over, pause for a moment and notice. Drama is the voice coming from outside of you. Divine Direction is the voice coming from inside of you.

It can be difficult at first to disengage from talking about your problems and the problems you believe other people have, but a fast way to raise your vibrational frequency is to cut off drama.

Practice, patience and sacrifice transforms daily drama into infinite inspiration. Be Inspired!

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