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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Appreciate Magnificent Magical Moments

Appreciate Beauty. Find it in everyone and everything.

This mornings sunrise served as a wonderful reminder that beauty lies all around us and inside of us. There is so much magnificence in the the world.

We can learn so much from a sunrise. Every morning the sun appears to rise, but the truth is, it is always there. The sun does not actually set, it does not go away. Sometimes, we cannot see it, but when it reappears there is a great appreciation for the almighty sun. This source makes all life possible. Although, the moment before dawn, is the darkest, the first signs of Light are bursting with beauty.

Inside each of us is a Light. Sometimes it is brighter and sometimes it begins to wane. Each moment presents a different type of beauty. Just as we can appreciate the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, let us appreciate the Light in between. The sun provides heat and life. Never do we think we can own or control the sun. We accept it as it is.

Let us see the sun in each person we encounter. Sometimes you glimpse and experience the heart of another at sunrise, sunset, in between or in darkness. Let us never judge or seek to own or control the Light of another. Let us only create space and know that Love is like the sun: omnipresent.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means appreciating magnificent, magical moments inside and outside of yourself. May your day be colorful, bright and bursting with Love!

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