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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tune into Your Truth: 3rd Eye Won't Lie

The 3rd eye is that area between your eyebrows and about 1 inch up. It is the place where inspiration enters the mind and transitions from a feeling and intellectualizes into a thought. The 3rd eye is the gateway from the unknown into the known.

Yogis and meditators often use this point of focus combined with mindful breathing to tap into and out of universal energy, giving and receiving love.

When you get a great idea, where does that idea come from? That idea comes from tapping into the greater consciousness and turning your body into a giant receiver. This requires stillness of mind and intentional receptivity. If this sounds wacky, a little research would reveal that all the great thinkers, developers, creators and philosophers are aligned in knowing that resting in stillness opens the channels to begin the process of inspiration to intellectualization to actualization.

Interestingly the biggest blockage to new ideas, higher frequencies and inspiration is firm attachment to existing beliefs. The trouble with the 2 eyes we have, is that their vision is limited. They can only see what they can see and have a way of tricking the mind into only believing what it can see. The Truth is Believe first and then your vision becomes Limitless.

I have spent the past year concentrating on my 3rd eye and can share first hand that tuning into removing blockages allows creativity to enter and truth to prevail.

On this day last year, I had an appointment with my dermatologist. It was follow up to a problem solved, but I was there so I decided to ask him about what felt like pea lodged deep in my forehead. He said he couldn't see anything, but when he felt it, it was clearly some kind of cystic acne. In a moment of vanity I asked if there was anything that he could do since I was co-facilitating a women's empowerment weekend with celebrity speakers and women from around the country. He said it would go away in 2 weeks or he could give me a shot that would make it swell up and in 2 hours it would be gone. Brilliant. For some reason I had to sign a release and then he injected it. Within 2 hours, I was sure he was a magician. I was so happy I sent him a thank you card, called the office to leave a message and had an amazing weekend of confidence.

Fast forward two weeks, I what had once felt like frozen pea, now looked like a pea had been removed. Right in the center of my forehead was sink hole the size of a pea. In two months, I returned to my doctor. He looked surprised by the damage and explained that I was the one in a million that may have that reaction and that was what I signed. I never felt angry, I knew that I opted for the short cut. He assured me that the collagen would fill in after 6 months.

The good news is that it gave me a lot of time to concentrate on enhancing my inner beauty, there is not much you can do to hide your forehead. The better news is that it served as a constant reminder to focus on my own third eye; to be open to the infinite possibilities. A year later, I can honestly say, that at the time, I was so blocked by my own beliefs, I may have actually manifested that cyst as a reminder to tune into the greater good and collective consciousness.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means mindfully practicing tuning into your third eye, tune into your Truth and infinite Wisdom. The Third Eye won't Lie!

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