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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spirit Stone Symbolizes Synthesis

Last month I wrote a blog titled All Laced Up and Ready to Let Go about a lovely lady to whom I taught a private kung fu lesson at the Golden Door spa.

I wrote that I was reluctant to teach her based on what she wanted, but decided to follow my heart. This morning, almost a month later, I returned to teach there again. I noticed a card in my box and a small pouch. I was taken aback by the lovely card and spirit stone. It was a gift from the woman, who restored my confidence as a teacher. She thought I was teaching her, but she was teaching me at the same time.

I share the card with you, not to impress you, but to impress upon you the power we have to make a difference in people's lives. Often times, it is the ones we feel the most resistance toward that we can help most and they can help us to grow and transform.

I love that the card she chose is a deer. Deers represent Love. The Kokopelli symbolizes travel, adventure, abundance and fertility. It was a beautiful surprise and thoughtful gift. It was synthesis.

Let this be a gentle reminder that we have the power to change lives on a spiritual level through loving kindness. When someone has taken the time to change your perspective on life and given you a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, take the time to acknowledge them. Cards are a beautiful way to express heartfelt gratitude. They fulfill the giver and the receiver.

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