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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Experience Elevation Experience Enlightenment

Only a saint knows a saint. Only a snake knows the leg of another snake.
Tamil proverb

Nature's law is if you want to understand me, you must become me. The alternative is that you will only understand me to your own capacity. You cannot possibly understand how a snake crawls until you become a snake.

This Truth cannot be found in a book. We can study, listen, form opinions and use our imagination, but none of those equal experience. It is by experience that we can begin to elevate the limitations of the mind: turning theory into transcendence.

Yesterday, I was in conversation with a gentleman struggling to elevate his consciousness. He has been trying to work his way through a short book I gave him nine months ago. It was clear that he was not ready for the 10 Step to Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer.

We have had many conversations about love, unconditional love and judging others. He explained that he cannot love those he doesn't like and especially those he hates. My heart smiled. The real secret to success and inner peace is learning to love who you love and to love who you hate. Love knows no limits. Love is an elevation of consciousness.

Transcend your limitations. Become unlimited. If you want to know love, you must become Love. To know enlightenment, become Enlightened.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that thinking and theory are not enough. You must experience that which you wish to become. Enlightenment.

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