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Friday, September 23, 2011

Asleep to Complete: Who are you?

There are 4 types of people in this world. Who are you?

1. Asleep - people who act and don't think

2. Analyst - people who think and don't act

3. Empty - people who are constantly active, filling themselves with the wrong thing

4. Complete - people working to change themselves and fill up with Light

Move from Asleep to Complete to today.

People who are asleep are also known as unconscious. They have no awareness of how their actions create reactions. Someone who is asleep does not consider other people or the environment. They are limited to seeking only for themselves.

The Analyst is equipped with the consciousness to notice opportunities to bring more Love and Light into this world, but lack the Courage, Inspiration or Motivation to actualize change.

Empty are those constantly seeking to fill themselves up with the wrong things. This can be excessive material goods, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sex, TV watching, junk food, chaos, anger or bullying behavior. Empty is a lack of happiness inside that can never be filled from the outside.

Complete is an indication of someone who is working to change themselves and fill up with Light and spread Love. Complete is a result produced by learning to act only consciously or mindfully. Complete is when we stop searching for fulfillment through people and things outside of ourselves. Complete is a unification of mind, body and spirit. Complete is igniting the Light so bright inside of yourself that you magnetically attract the greatest good.

Ask yourself with no judgment, where are you today? Listen for the answer. Read through them again and see which one creates a sensation in your heart, for that is an indication of the Truth. If you know you are restricted by fear chances are you're an Analyst. If you have mounting credit card bills, stuff you never use and are always checking for where the Friday night hot spot is, the latest trends and reading the Robb Report, chances are you are Empty. If you are Complete, you are smiling as you read this, because you are forwarding this message on to someone who needs it. If you feel nothing, that may very well be an indicator that you are Asleep.

Wake up to change today.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing the Power to change and transform lies inside of us. Complete is just a daily decision away.

Inspired by Yehuda Berg and the Daily Tune Up

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