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Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Magic! The Keys to Unlock Happiness

Practice Random Acts of Kindness is more than a new age bumper sticker. It's age old truth. Reading the bumper sticker gives you the knowledge. Applying it gives you the wisdom. As every magician knows a little knowledge + wisdom + imagination = Magic!

After dinner at a popular, local pizza bistro, I went to get into my car and noticed a heap of keys on the ground. I recognized the main key to be that of a BMW, but there were no BMWs in sight. From experience, I know the price of replacing the computerized keys and the inconvenience of replacing all the other keys.

As I played detective, I realized that these keys had to have fallen from someone's purse. The easy thing would have been to leave them, but somehow I knew that the car wasn't there and the owner would never locate these keys, because they would have no idea they had been lost.

Parked between two restaurants, I decided to take them to the hostess of the one I left. She looked confused and in my heart I felt like I just hid them further from the owner. I decided I would write a note and leave it on the Range Rover next to me. I struggled with my ego to leave it anonymous and drew a happy face instead explaining the keys and their whereabouts. Then, a man walked to toward the car. I asked him if he owned a BMW. He looked at me like I asked him to take his clothes off. Then I asked about the kids names on the Boys and Girls key fab. He looked at me like I was a creep. I handed him the note and explained about the keys. Then I ran back and got them. With his hands full of leftovers, he stood there dumbfounded.

Oddly, his wife was leaving with friends and wouldn't have gotten back in the passenger side to see the keys. Although, he said thank you. I knew in my heart that he had no idea the magnitude of the blessing. I don't say this to say I am so wonderful, I say this to say that if you have ever lost your keys indefinitely, you too know the magnitude. It may have taken him a minute or an hour or even a week to appreciate his good fortune. That part doesn't matter.

I felt complete joy in my heart. The age old wisdom is a magic formula. Do Good. Feel Good. It is not always easy to practice random acts of kindness. Sometimes it is inconvenient and sometimes the recipient is not receptive and sometimes it is hard not to expect anything immediate in return. The magic in practicing random acts of kindness is that it unlocks the keys to true and lasting happiness. Considering studies show that 90% of our country suffers some form of anxiety, isn't it worth experimenting with a recipe to be in the other 10%?

Abracadabra! Make Happiness Appear. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means following your heart to practice random acts of kindness as often as possible. Happiness is within reach! What random acts of kindness have you practiced today?

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