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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Secret to Success: Destination X = Origination Next

Recently, I received a copy of Destination Weddings magazine in my mailbox. Immediately, I chuckled and noted the ultimate paradox. Weddings are hardly destinations. They are beginnings.

The pages were filled with happy couples linking arms on beautiful beaches. In that moment of fairytale romance the possibilities are infinite. The great news is that it is true: The Possibilities are Infinite, for this is just the beginning.

The problem is that fulfilling relationships are a work in progress, a continuous process. After 42 years of marriage, my Dad is the first to say that as soon as the honeymoon is over the real work begins. This is not just true of marriage, but of all relationships including jobs, careers, clients, teachers, students, neighbors and friend.

People put all of their effort into what they are seeking and then stop investing. Think about how much work it takes to land a dream job or any job at this time. Would you put forth all of that effort and then expect to be successful without performing and producing results? This illustrates that although landing the job was the destination, it truly marks the beginning.

Even simpler, your destination may be the shopping mall. When you arrive, you see the sign indicating where all the stores are, along with the X marking your spot. It was a destination and now it is a point of origination. Only now can you begin.

Life and relationships are a constant process of change and transformation. True relationships always change. Love increases when you never take your partner of position for granted. By nature, we must always be growing and doing our work. Continuous effort is required to produce optimal results.

When you land your dream job, dream home, dream bride or groom, take a moment to pull out your measuring stick and celebrate your results. Then, pick your shovel back up and stay busy and engaged in the process of growth and transformation. Every Destination X truly marks Origination Next.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means believing in infinite possibilities while understanding that reaching your destination is just the beginning, not the end.

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