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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Conversation leaves Robotics to the Robots

Yesterday I stumbled upon the editor's letter in my most recent copy of Inc. The Magazine for Growing Companies. The theme caught my eye: Where Stories Come From. I love stories

Editor Jane Berentson went on to explain that Inc. receives hundreds of pitches from companies every week. Many containing promotions and product launches. Many ending up deleted from her in box. She didn't call them boring, but I felt bored. Her message was not to say that they aren't interesting, but to lead into the idea that most interesting stories and connections are made through great conversation.

This led me to realize how true this is in life, love and business. Great conversations lead to great relationships. Sending hundreds of blind pitches in business is the equivalent of joining online dating services and emailing a generic letter in hopes of making a real heart connection or circling the bar with some lame pick up line and throwing it blindly out to anyone of the opposite sex.

Her letter actually inspired me to write her a response. Leave the robotics to the robots. The cover story this month came out of a "collection of of very personal reflections and confessions about the joys, fears, insecurities, and triumphs of entrepreneurship."

If you want to make real connections and experience meaningful relationships dare to do something different. Dare to take the walls down, put your robotic ego away and be done with generic, boring conversation. Dare to show up with your heart full of joys and fears. Real connections result from real conversations. Leave the small talk to the robots.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means showing up fearlessly with your heart. It is where great stories come from.

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