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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop the Crash: Engage Spiritual Hydraulics

Having had the opportunity to speak with people who have endured great physical trauma, I have found a common theme. The pain of the gunshot wound, the stab, the impact of the car crash, the falling off the bike or the sheer brutality of being physically beaten is not the painful part. The pain begins in the recovery room.

To prevent shock, the body actually has a built-in mechanism to block pain. It is not until your mind realizes that you didn't die that the fight to live begins and the pain strikes and intensifies. Interestingly, most people would agree that just before the moment of impact everything appears in slow motion.

It is in that split second, we have the ability to change the outcome, stop the impact or what we refer to in tai chi as deflect and redirect. This ability to see and consciously change the outcome of a situation requires heightened awareness through disciplined practice.

This same principle applies to spiritual crashes. A spiritual crash occurs when you allow doubt, fear or worry to enter your mind. These obstacles are just as dangerous to your soul as guns, knives and the like are to your body. Perhaps they are even more tragic, because they aren't always so obvious. The pain comes on slower and by the time you realize the depth of pain and suffering, the entry wound has long disappeared. You may not even know when the damage occurred and how to heal.

The great news is that when you understand the idea of spiritual hydraulics, you can notice the crash before it occurs. Life can be looked at as a downward escalator. It is our job everyday to do our work and climb up. The moment we stop doing our work, the momentum quickly carries us to the bottom. Not doing our work is when we don't want to face the Truth and instead opt for a quick fix: drugs, alcohol, pornography, extramarital affairs, emotional eating and any other self-sabotaging behavior patterns. For that brief moment of pleasure, it is like being in the recovery room pumped with painkillers just before you open your eyes are realize how far you have to climb back up.

Start to notice that split second that happens when you feel your mind spiraling out of control. Create healthy habits. Identify your spiritual hydraulics. Find a friend, a book, a meditation or a song that will allow you to breathe and brake before you break.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means recognizing your spiritual disasters before they occur. Deflect and redirect doubt, fear and worry. Stop the crash. Engage your Spiritual Hydraulics and keep elevating your spirit toward love, joy and peace.

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