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Monday, June 20, 2011

Receiving Responsibly teaches The Gift is in Giving

Next time you encounter someone who appears to be very wealthy and very tight with their money. Do not judge. Notice yourself, are you feeling entitled to something? Do not judge yourself either.

Now shift your consciousness. Consider the possibility that that person was never taught that lasting fulfillment comes from sharing and that the gift is in giving. To expect them to depart with a large sum immediately is like asking someone who does not know how to swim to jump off the high dive. It is irresponsible.

The gift is in giving is a learned way of life. It is also a shift from scarcity thinking to abundant thoughts. To the inexperienced giver, giving means someone wins and someone loses. To the experienced giver, giving or sharing means everyone wins. This concept can only be understood once experienced.

By nature, when someone gives us something and our ego feels that it is not enough, we tend to give it back or simply not accept it. A opportunity has just been missed. Graciously receiving even the most ridiculous things is an opportunity for the giver to experience the joy of giving. Whether it is a bag of used clothes, half a banana, a compliment or a small denomination of money, accept it with gratitude and appreciation. This is the warm invitation to get the person with the potential to be a high diver to fearlessly place their foot in the water.

It is our responsibility to receive responsibly. We must learn to graciously accept whatever someone is willing to give. This shift in consciousness has nothing to do with us. It is about opening the path to giving. Once the giver recognizes the joy in giving, he will give more generously of his time, money and love.

If someone has never learned to share or give, it is a foreign concept. What is foreign creates fear. Today unleash that fear in everyone you encounter: receive responsibly.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means understanding that receiving a little responsibly teaches others that the gift is truly in giving.

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