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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Isolation Leads to Evaporation

Lakes resting one on the other:
The Image of The JOYOUS.
Thus the superior man joins with his friends
For discussion and practice.
~I-Ching Hexagram 58

It is known that, over time, an individual lake will evaporate upward and disappear faster than two lakes together. One lake cannot withstand the pull of external forces. Two lakes will feed and replenish each other.

Let us learn from nature. In eastern cultures, the lake represents joy. It is delightful to be joyful. When we are in spirit we radiate joy. We become like a lake; magnetically attracting others, as well as, external forces. All come to the lake to take: people, animals and even the heavens are drawn to take the water or joy from the lake. Each having its own selfish agenda.

True joy rests on firmness and strength inside while outwardly projecting gentleness and a yielding nature. That firmness creates stability. The gentleness promotes approachability.

When we are in spirit we know joy. The survival of our own joy depends on being able to replenish our supply before it runs dry. We must learn to protect ourselves.
The common mistake made by those beginning on a spiritual journey is to judge others. Judgment creates separation and separation lead to isolation. Isolation inevitably leads to evaporation. Spirit is strongest when shared. Make new friends. Share your knowledge.

Learn to discern your relationships. Identify those that come only to take from you. Eventually your lake will be devoid of joy. You will become like the desert. Although, difficult in the beginning, you must sever and disconnect from those who come into your life only to take. Sometimes, it may be those closest to you. Taking can be in any form of energy: money, time, love.

Protect yourself by connecting with those who share your beliefs. Create an abundance of joy by releasing those relationships that no longer serve you and attracting those that do. A mutually-replenishing relationship is a source of lasting fulfillment for both parties.

Isolation leads to Evaporation. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means experiencing great joy by surrounding yourself with other joyful people. One joyful lake replenishes another.

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