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Friday, May 20, 2011

Suffocating? Expand Your Lungs!

Inside each of us is an unborn and undying element known as our soul. It is this part that possesses boundless potential for infinite expansion.
Suffocate defined: to suppress the development, imagination, or creativity of; stifle

We commonly think of suffocating as being deprived of oxygen. The inability to breathe. The more you heighten your awareness and state of consciousness the more you become aware of people and environments that seem to be devoid of fresh oxygen.

Learn to tune into your body and trust what it is telling you. The feeling of being stifled is an indication that it is time to expand and grow. You can only ignore this sensation for so long before you must act upon it. To stay around people that suck the oxygen out of the room or to stay in a job that is too small is limiting your purpose and potential. If you have ever felt like you were drowning or experienced a state of claustrophobia you know that the feeling of suffocation is intense.

You do not need to make any rash decisions. Learn just to notice when you feel like you are being suffocated. Then just breathe mindfully. Be flattered. Your soul knows that you are not fulfilling your potential. Take up a mindful breathing activity: yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, chanting or meditation. Trust that when you breathe mindfully and expand your lungs, you will counter the feeling of suffocation. Just breathe and a higher and better path will reveal itself.

Next time you feel like you are suffocating and there is clearly no lack of oxygen in the room, breathe deeply and mindfully as long as you can until return to a place of calmness. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means including a mindful breathing practice to keep your body healthy, mind sharp, emotions calm and energy high.

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