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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magic : Give it Away Get it Back

By nature human beings are selfish creatures. The root of selfishness comes from a belief that there is a finite amount of resources: not enough to go around. This fear-based model leads to hoarding, stagnation and isolation.

A spiritual journey begins as a quest for clarity and enlightenment. A search for answers and meaning. It is natural to seek books and teachers to guide us closer to the illusive concept. The desire for knowledge becomes insatiable. Books collect on your shelf. You take more classes in martial arts, yoga, meditation or self study. This intense focus on purification of mind has the propensity to lead you into isolation.

Books and teachers will only take you so far.

Look at the Spiritual Laws like a child learning a new magic trick and always be in great company. A child is so excited to share a disappearing quarter act. In that moment they are applying their knowledge to wisdom and imagination. It is the purest path to Happiness. Without sharing their magic trick, it will soon be forgotten. The more they share it, the more magic they spread.

Although it goes completely against our nature as human beings to share, it is the only path to lasting fulfillment. In 2000, when I tested for my 1st degree black belt, I was so proud of myself for staying disciplined and achieving my goal. Within 24 hours, I felt completely empty and disconnected. I had been encouraged and warned not to hike this mountain alone. The next day, I demanded to know how to begin training for my 2nd degree. I wanted to be back on the path.

My teacher told me that he could teach me no more. You must begin to teach others. That is how you will truly learn. I can teach you more forms and give you more knowledge. You will then have more forms and more knowledge. You must help others to ascend on the path. See yourself in other people and that is how you will grow and expand. If you do not bring some people with you, you will be standing on the top of a mountain alone.

It would take me 10 years and owning a martial arts school to shift my consciousness and understand that when we are not really connected to the people we are sharing with, we are not really sharing.

Today I understand that being a teacher doesn't require a classroom, a uniform or a business card. It is only a desire to share from the heart. Only a desire to make sure that no one feels they are climbing a mountain alone. The view from the top is amazing and so much sweeter when shared.

Gathering knowledge is not much different than gathering clothes, purses, collecting guns, cars, shoes or anything else in the material world. If you do not use them regularly, you will lose interest. Practice overcoming your innate selfish nature and share your toys and clothes. Give away your knowledge fearlessly. Turn it into wisdom. Make Magic.

A great magician knows she cannot captivate her entire audience all of the time. That doesn't matter. With the right intention, you can elevate the consciousness of one person and thereby change the world. Fear and Finite thinking block the imagination. Focus entirely on your desire to share and to be of service.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that Magic is infinite. When you give it all away, you get it all back.

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