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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keys to Riches: Unlock the Heart of your Enemy

Helping others is easy when we are selfishly motivated. It is actually amazing the things we find ourselves offering to do and be when we subconsciously desire the acceptance and approval of another person or organization.

To better understand this, think of all the nice things a man will do just to get a date with a woman. Think of the hazing that goes on before being accepted into fraternal 'brotherhoods.' When the perceived desired outcome is great enough, the motivation is there to help others.

What if there was an even greater desirable outcome? An outcome of lasting joy and fulfillment.

Reading spiritual or self help books, listening to positive audio or even going to church are great ways of waking up to the idea of helping others. Seeking opportunities to help others and applying that consciousness is where the real Light and lasting fulfillment is revealed.

Perhaps you have that someone in your life that just rubs you the wrong way. For whatever reason, you do not trust them. Pay attention, this person has the keys to all of the riches of the universe.

Recently, I ran into this person in my own life. On a continuous path of helping others to overcome their own negative inclination, the opportunity presented itself for me to do some real work and experience some real growth. Julie is the kind of girl who is always smiling on the outside, planning a night out and dating several men at once. She is also the kind of girl that you do not want to bring your boyfriend or husband around.

Last time I saw her, I saw something different. No longer did I see a threat. She cannot take anything from me. I saw the result of a lifetime of bad decisions and chasing things in the material world. I saw an opportunity to help someone crying out for help. In a matter of moments, she confessed that she wanted to go check herself into a clinic, wanted pain pills, anti-anxiety pills and said something that led me to believe she was on the brink of great darkness.

In that moment, I released all the judgment I had for years. I was able to channel some of the truths that had been channeled to me. The whole reason that we are in this world is to help others in a lasting way. Just as we seek those who can help us, we must seek those that we can help the most. Each one of us has the tools and strength to help another overcome pain and suffering.

After an hour, she went her way and I went mine. Her eyes were shining and her spirit dancing once again. I could see the peace in her heart. I just felt just the same. We can keep reading and saying things like - the greater the darkness, the greater the opportunity for Light. Or, we can seek those dark places and see for ourselves.

Today, seek out those who rub you the wrong way. Is it your neighbor? Grocery store clerk? Librarian? Boss? Friend of a friend? See that darkness on a deeper level. See past the low vibrations and into the pain and suffering. Increase your desire for lasting fulfillment. Every encounter every day is an opportunity to cash in and add gold to your spiritual bank account.

There is no greater joy than helping another see Light. Don't believe me. Try it! Being Happy Healthy and Fit means helping even those who we feel resistance toward helping. One at a time into infinity we can critical mass and create a world of peace, love, joy and harmony.

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