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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gratitude: Flowers Fade Truth Transforms

Barn's burnt down --
I can see the moon.
Mizuta Masahide (水田 正秀, 1657 - 1723)

Recently I read a newspaper column titled "Why it's great to be grateful: It makes us happier and healthier," by none other than Dr. Oz himself. It goes on to express the ripple effect of expressing gratitude freely. An attitude of gratitude combined with sending three thank you notes a day or personally calling three people a day leads to a 25% improvement in happiness.

I am not sure how they came up with this formula, but I am inclined to agree in my own experience, expressing gratitude is wildly fulfilling. It is easy to be grateful and give a heartfelt thank you when someone pays you a compliment, gives you a gift, buys you dinner, invites you to a party or sends you flowers.

More challenging is to express gratitude and heartfelt appreciation toward those who have the courage to tell you the truth. That is where there is room for a 100% improvement in happiness. Compliments and gifts will be forgotten, dinner will be digested, parties end and flowers die. The truth perseveres. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life that is willing to tell you the truth, you have the greatest gift in the world. You have found a friend. Cherish and appreciate this gift of wisdom. The truth is the key to unlocking the path to transformation.

Expressing gratitude to those who make you feel good is a great place to get started. Expressing gratitude to those who make you feel not so good is an indication that you are on the path to ascending ego. Learn to see Light where you once saw darkness. Appreciate that when the barn burns down, you can see the moon. The greater the darkness, the greater the opportunity for Light. The flowers will fade, but the truth has the power to transform.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means expressing heartfelt appreciation daily for those who make you feel 25% Happier, as well as those who are truthfully guiding you toward feeling 100% Happiness! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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