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Monday, January 10, 2011

Certainty Leaves No Room for Doubt!

We tend to get what we expect.
~Norman Vincent Peale

As we set out on Saturday for one of our final Mt. Kilimanjaro training hikes, we had an idea of what was ahead. Mt. Ord in Payson is 7 miles to the top, in essence, a 14 mile day. The temperature was expected to be 15-20 degrees and possibly snow on the trail. We had done our due diligence.

What we did not anticipate was sharing this unpaved road with trucks. A few times we stepped aside so they could pass and made jokes about the exhaust. Once we made it about a mile with our heavy packs, we saw a group of men jumping around like hyenas in camouflage snowsuits. They were so excited to tell us that it would be 'impossible' to get to the top. One was grinning from ear to ear which revealed that he had only two teeth in his mouth. They were clearly out there to hunt dear and laughed about how trucks were turning around because they were sliding off the road even with chains on the tires.

We smiled and thanked them. Collectively, the six of us powered on. There was no doubt we would make it to the top. Our belief in each other and our mission far superseded the warning. I recall thinking how quick people are to unconsciously cast doubt upon other people and their dreams. I only mention the man missing most of his teeth, because to me he represents the opposite of Happy, Healthy and Fit. There is certainly enough information and tools out there to take care of your teeth. Yet, how often are we pulled away from our beliefs by someone we don't even know that is offering none more than an unsolicited opinion.

If we were not steadfast in our intention to make it to the top, we may have been dissuaded by the hunters. They were relying on their trucks. We were relying on our primary method of transportation, our selves. Within 3 hours, we were all at the top. Life is full of naysayers. Practice strengthening your own beliefs and then surrounding yourself by the most positive people that you know.

If you want to experience success where you go, make sure you can get your primary transportation system there. Commit 2011 to being Happy, Healthy and Fit.

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