Happy Healthy and Fit

Friday, June 25, 2010

Germinate Ideas Manifest Dreams

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.
~Napoleon Hill

Transformation is the process of changing from your current state into your greatest potential.

We can look to nature to understand that in order to fulfill our destiny, we must grow. Just because we cannot always see the change occurring does not mean that it is not happening. In the information age we have become so accustomed to instant gratification that often times we stop the flow and the process of our dreams because we cannot see immediate results.

Setting goals and creating vision boards is just the first step. You must take specific actions and then continue even when you do not see any glimpse of desired results. Time is simply the measurement between setting goals and reaching them.

Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, develop a loving relationship or start a successful business, you need a plan of action and a level of understanding. Infinite Patience Produces Immediate Results. A packet Mexican Sunflowers seeds indicates that it takes 7-14 days for the seeds to germinate. It takes another 80-100 days to maturity and that is assuming that all the other conditions are ideal for these simple seeds to blossom and bloom into a brilliant orange-red flower that attracts butterflies and can be harvested to create beautiful bouquets.

During that time of 3-4 months, changes may not be visible while they are happening. The grower must believe in the process of transformation and assist it along. The same is true in reaching any desired outcome. There may be days, weeks and months that it appears like nothing is happening or changing on the surface level, but trust in the process that when you stay clear and focused on your goals every day; you are somewhere between germination and manifestation.

Overcome impatience by considering the Beech tree. Beech trees do not begin to produce a full crop of their nutritious fruit until they have lived for 50 years. Yet, they are often called the Mother of the Woods for the abundant harvest they produce that can be ingested straight from the tree.

When you reach your greatest potential, you may appear to others like an overnight success. In your heart you will know, the only thing separating you from the rest is that you stood the test of time and kept believing even when there was nothing to see. Being Happy Healthy and Fit is about trusting in the process of transformation. Every beautiful bouquet begins as a handful of seeds.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plant Seeds of Change

Enrich soil with compost.
~directions on back of package

In an effort to create space for my dreams to manifest and my spirit to grow, I have been implementing the ancient science of feng shui and diligently cleaning out my cupboards and closets. Creating space in the physical world, creates space in the spiritual world.

In a state of actively seeking transformation, I am always looking for opportunities to reveal truth. Although, I call myself a minimalist, the truth is I'm a hoarder. The way we live in the material world is a great reflection of what is going on in our hearts and minds.

My home is tidy and comfortable. Everything has a place. Appliances shine and baseboards are clean. Only recently, have I noticed that behind the closed doors, drawers and cabinets lurks useless garbage.

Today, I was motivated to straighten the cabinet next to the kitchen sink. Considering I hardly use it, I expected it to be quick and easy. Much to my surprise, it was full of old cleaners, dirty sponges, flower vases from boyfriends past and a variety of other toxic things that have been sitting in there up to 10 years. Only after everything was out, I saw a small envelope upside down and reached in to discover a small package of seeds. Right there was a moment of magic. The moment we release our toxic thoughts and actions, we are rewarded with the Seeds of Change.

That package of seeds represents my soul. I could clearly see the 10 years of garbage I piled on top of it. Today I reconnected with my soul and planted seeds of change. Enrich your own soul by excavating your own garbage. Don't know how to release guilt, anger, worry or shame? Try cleaning out a cabinet. The results are magical.

The back of the package clearly states- Enrich soil with compost. Being Happy Healthy and Fit requires that we Identify the compost or garbage, real or imagined, that is holding us back. Those seeds of change have been less than 3 feet away for years.

Keep clearing and believing. Abundant giving and receiving are the result of cultivating, planting, clearing and harvesting seeds of change.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Create Space and Cultivate Joy

Space is the breath of art.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Space creates room to blossom.

Musicians know it's the space between the notes that affects the magic of the song they are composing. The most beautiful flower arrangements are created by incorporating space between the blooms. Museums recognize that space between the objects, artifacts and paintings allows them to exude their own uniqueness and attract your eye.

Space in your refrigerator allows you to see what is fresh and what is spoiling. Space in the closet allows you to see the clothes that make you feel like a king and the ones that make you feel like a clown.

Space in your mind allows you to identify your thoughts. Only when we create that space can we separate the happy and healthy thoughts from the sabotaging ones.

Thoughts are seeds and seeds grow. Your mind is a fertile garden. Your brain doesn't care what it thinks. It is your choice to plant flowers or weeds. Be your own gardner and create a joy-filled life.

Practice letting go of the thoughts that are blocking the space necessary to make your bouquet beautiful and your song harmonious. Identify your weeds: fear, doubt, worry, pain, suffering and judgement. Release the past.

Just because we cannot see things, does not mean that they are not there. Go to your refrigerator or freezer and take a few minutes to pull everything out. You may be surprised to learn what lurks deep and has been occupying space. Practice by letting go of the tangible things that no longer serve you and soon enough you will be led to releasing the intangible.

Learning to let go requires awareness, courage and practice. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means letting go of the habits that are blocking you from reaching your goals. Practice creating Space and cultivate joy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Put your Thorns Away! Open your Heart

Newcomers to the desert are often surprised and delighted to see the Saguaro cactus in full bloom. The intimidating prickly giants are flowering abundantly; revealing their inner beauty for the world to enjoy.

A moment of reflection leads to the idea that we all put up walls, thorns or wear a shell. Each of us is our own delicate flower yearning to safely blossom. A prickly exterior or a hard shell is just a reaction learned to weather the elements of judgement, criticism and fear. Not only is that layer of protection an illusion, but it works in reverse, further isolating us from a life of lasting fulfillment.

That hard exterior shows up when we feel compelled to open our mouths and say something unkind or are on the receiving end of unconscious thoughts. Hurt people hurt people continuing the cycle of insanity. Just like that cactus has so many brilliant flowers inside, we all have so much love to give.

Notice how we resemble cactus. Often times when we speak, unconsciously we are judging others. Words becomes like thorns. Close your mouth and open your heart.

Next time someone is abrasive, approach them with a sense of compassion. They may have forgotten that they have a flower inside. Fertilize your friendships. A landscape of flowering cactus is a beautiful, magnetic slice of heaven.

To be Happy, Healthy and Fit stay sharp, but not like a cactus. Put your thorns away. Lead yourself out of your shell, hang it on the wall and show the world you don't need it anymore. Be a pleasant surprise. Let your inner beauty radiate out and light up the world.