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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Find Forgiveness: Create Miracles

Yesterday I was hiking and came across the most brilliant iridescent lizard. I do not believe in coincidences and I felt there was some kind of significance in this creature. I wanted to share this living miracle, but needed a reason. Sometimes a picture tells a story and sometimes it takes a story to paint a picture.

Speaking of miracles, tonight I met a dear friend to enjoy a chai tea latte at a nearby coffee shop. Upon sitting down, she confessed that she needed a miracle. We both know that miracles appear when we are doing something uncomfortable. She said she couldn't think of a thing to do that was uncomfortable. I gave her a few suggestions and then I remembered the lizard.

Just this morning I read an amazing story about The Power of Forgiveness To Remove Judgement "Rav Aba and the Traveler" from the Zohar. As the story goes, the Traveler was the recipient of 2 miracles that he was not even aware he received. I went on to share my version of how to create miracles based on this story.

When you resist an impulse for reactive vengeance, you bring forgiveness and goodwill into your life. Rav Aba had noticed the traveler sleeping when on the side of a mountain when a snake approached him. Just before the snake could bite, a lizard appeared and killed the snake. The traveler awoke and upon seeing the dead snake jumped back, just in time to be saved from the cliff that was torn from the mountain. Had he awakened one moment later, he would have fallen to his death.

Stunned by what he just witnessed, Rav Aba approached the traveler and inquired what he had done to be saved from the snake and the cliff. He too, knew it was not a coincidence. The Traveler replied, " In all my days, I forgave and made peace with any man who did evil by me. If I could not make peace with him, I did not sleep on my bed before forgiving him and all others who had aggrieved me, and I did not harbor hatred for any harm that had been done to me. Moreover, from that day on, I tried do kindness by them."

Upon sharing this story with my friend, I told her to find someone to forgive and she would create her miracle. Not wanting to sound too off the wall, I thought I was whispering this story, but surprisingly, a young woman who had been waiting for her drink, stopped and touched me on the shoulder. She admit that she had totally been eavesdropping and thanked me for the great story. To me, that felt like a miracle.

After my feel good moment of inspiring the young woman, I turned back to my friend, with my sassy, "Well........." To my amazement, she said, "I suppose I could call my sister and forgive her. That would be uncomfortable. You do know that I haven't spoken to her in 19 years."

It was a miracle that I didn't have anything in my mouth, because it surely would have shot out. Five minutes is too long to carry a grudge, but 19 years! My dear friend has taught me a lot, but now I see I am teaching her too. Just as the traveler did not even witness his miracles, I may never know the impact forgiveness will have on the girl in the coffee shop or on my friend's sister living around the globe

I am grateful that the miraculous lizard appeared before me and provided a point of reference to connect to this story. Perhaps he saved me from a snake I never saw, just so I could pass this story along. May the healing begin. Being Happy, Healthy and Fit means practicing forgiveness of yourself and others EVERY day. Stop holding grudges and free yourself up to create miracles!

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