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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Create Space and Cultivate Joy

Space is the breath of art.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Space creates room to blossom.

Musicians know it's the space between the notes that affects the magic of the song they are composing. The most beautiful flower arrangements are created by incorporating space between the blooms. Museums recognize that space between the objects, artifacts and paintings allows them to exude their own uniqueness and attract your eye.

Space in your refrigerator allows you to see what is fresh and what is spoiling. Space in the closet allows you to see the clothes that make you feel like a king and the ones that make you feel like a clown.

Space in your mind allows you to identify your thoughts. Only when we create that space can we separate the happy and healthy thoughts from the sabotaging ones.

Thoughts are seeds and seeds grow. Your mind is a fertile garden. Your brain doesn't care what it thinks. It is your choice to plant flowers or weeds. Be your own gardner and create a joy-filled life.

Practice letting go of the thoughts that are blocking the space necessary to make your bouquet beautiful and your song harmonious. Identify your weeds: fear, doubt, worry, pain, suffering and judgement. Release the past.

Just because we cannot see things, does not mean that they are not there. Go to your refrigerator or freezer and take a few minutes to pull everything out. You may be surprised to learn what lurks deep and has been occupying space. Practice by letting go of the tangible things that no longer serve you and soon enough you will be led to releasing the intangible.

Learning to let go requires awareness, courage and practice. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means letting go of the habits that are blocking you from reaching your goals. Practice creating Space and cultivate joy.

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