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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Truth: An Amazing Gift

"Don't be so thin skinned," my Dad used to love to say.

I'm sure this was always delivered after some attempt to make me better, mentally stronger and more resilient. You fall off the horse and you get back on. No questions asked. If you can't take the truth, how can you possibly make improvements? I am no stranger to personal development.

Kind words are seldom true and true words are seldom kind. I'm grateful that I wasn't raised with any delusions about the truth. The truth isn't personal; it just is. My Dad has no problem noticing when I have put on a few pounds or made a poor decision. I actually feel like the luckiest daughter alive. My Dad has the courage to tell me the truth.

I share this yoga photo with you because for over 3 years I was doing it incorrectly.... everyday. I thought that if I held my back leg with a towel, I could prevent my hand from slipping and work deeper into the beautiful dancer pose. It wasn't until I was practicing somewhere else that a teacher announced that the towel was a crutch and I would never develop the strength I was after if I kept using it. At the time I was humiliated. Today, I am grateful. However, I have also learned that as a yoga teacher, most people don't want to be corrected. They actually get offended. I just hope they don't tear their thin skin.

The Truth is an Amazing Gift. When you find someone comfortable and confident enough to give it to you, latch on, you may have just found a new best friend. And....if you are working on your yoga dancer pose, go ahead and drop the towel. Remember, practice only makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.


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