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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Practice Releasing: Even a Snake Knows When to Shed its Skin

Learn to release that which no longer serves you. Just as a snake sheds its skin and a tree drops its leaves, we must recognize when it's time to let go so we can continue to grow.

When it comes to being Happy, Healthy and Fit, the magic is in the holistic approach. It's more than just how you may appear on the outside or fit into your clothes, dig deeper.

Learning to let go is a process. Identify your dead skin or dead leaves. Find those things that are holding you back from experiencing the life you were meant to live. This could be anything from physical items such as: excess weight, extra clothes, old shoes, books, papers or furniture, etc. It can also be more of a mental weight: a business, relationship or obligation. Or, on a deeper emotional level, it could be worry, fear, anger, shame or guilt.

The Dalai Lama has said that before you can meditate, you need to clean your closet. Your environment is a reflection of your mind. Today, just take a moment and notice what you hang onto. Look in your trunk, check your closets and kitchen cabinets. Stuff stores energy and stagnant stuff causes stagnant energy. Start with the physical and then naturally you will shift into the mental and emotional.

Having a hard time letting go? Keep practicing. The less you allow your thing to hold you back, the freer you will be to reach your greatest potential!

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