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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get Rich: Find your Gifts and Give them Away!

The meaning of life is to find our inner gift. The purpose of life is to give those gifts away.

I am blessed with the opportunity to teach tai chi classes at the Golden Door Spa in Carefree, AZ. As one of only a few 5-Diamond resorts in the country, the main responsibility is to give the guests and members the experience of a lifetime, regardless of how they act.

This morning an elderly woman hobbled into my class. She was rigid, stubborn and angry. After 5 minutes, she announced that she was bored and wanted to do something else. For a moment, I was feeling judgemental and frustrated. Then a voice inside my head made me realize that someday my mother would be her age and shortly after I would be her age. Instead of impatience, I was overcome with great admiration. It takes courage to try something new.

Jean is 87. She turned out to be a wonderful student and teacher. I showered her with some words of encouragement and noticed that it was as if I was spraying WD40 directly onto her joints. She was softening and flowing. She was moving gracefully and in her eyes, I saw a young woman with passion and desire. She even started to laugh and by the time she left she was truly glowing and alive.

The fact that she received my gift with love and gratitude has affirmed my purpose. I made Jean's day and in turn she made mine. Life's greatest gifts don't always show up with a shiny bow. The real gift is in giving. Thank you Jean, you have made me a better teacher.

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