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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Compassion: Past the Skin into the Heart

It is so much easier to be happy, healthy, fit and balanced when you approach life with a strong sense of compassion. Living with Compassion is about learning to put on super special 3D glasses that let you look past the level of the skin and into the hearts of others.

Everyone protects their heart differently. Some people invest in lots of plastic surgery to make a smooth, polished exterior. Others choose to raise their imaginary porcupine quills to protect themselves. There are many shells in between: tough guy, mean girl, rude guy and snobby girl to name a few. These are all personalities taken on to cover up insecurity.

When we tear down the layers, we learn that insecurity results from unresolved childhood issues. It is easy to have compassion when you realize that those living with a shell are blocking their hearts, not just from one person, but from the whole world full of love.

Want to experience compassion? Learn to soften your own shell and smile. A warm smile has been known to melt even the coldest heart.

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  1. Randi -- I love your blogs - your compassion shines through and I look forward to all of your beautiful writings!