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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Begin with the End in Mind: Be the Shiny Apple!

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” - Chinese proverb

One shiny apple can teach us so much. Often we are guilty of looking at finished products and judging them. Take for example something as simple as an apple. It's easy to go to the store pick one out, enjoy it and not think much more about it. The truth is that apple is a warrior. It is the result of years of cultivation, planting, clearing and harvesting before it can be enjoyed.

It is easy to take the work for granted. However, the tree that produced that fruit wasn't always a tree. When you reflect deeper, you recognize that the tree came from a seed, grew into a sapling, then had to grow for years into a tree before it could produce any fruit. It may have had to fight off winter freezes, pests and animals to name a few obstacles encountered in an effort to produce massive abundance.

What does this have to do with being Happy, Healthy and Fit? As an avid yoga practitioner, I often receive compliments on my practice. Then I hear a comparison. I gently say- Keep practicing and you will get there. I smile and in my heart I know it's true. I started practicing yoga in 1997. It's hard to believe, it has been 13 years. I can assure you that if you commit to anything with passion and discipline for 13 years you will turn heads too. You will be a Warrior. You will be a Pro! I assure you the time will pass anyway. Before you can be the shiny apple, you must be willing to plant the seed, make a commitment and go through the transformation. Remember, the second best time is now!


  1. Simple, but nice!

    It's the ancient basic philosophies that bring it all together and help us focus or refocus.